Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Will be going for Heritage Studies in Padang

Salam, members of Ohana

Well just to inform you all that I will be going for Heritage Studies in Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia this Sunday (19th April). The Heritage Studies a subject required to be taken this short semester.

There will be 28 of us going to Padang while the remaining batch will be going to Kedah (Malaysia) and China (depends of each and everyone’s budget la. hehe)

The estimated time of departure of our flight will be at 7.40 am, Sunday (19th April) and the estimated time of arrival will be at 10.40am, Saturday (2nd May). It’ll be a 13 days trip.

We’ll be visiting Universitas Bung-Hatta and there will be 6 students who will be assisting us throughout our project.

Well basically Heritage Studies is doing research, documentation, multimedia presentation and most important coming out with the report and measured drawings of the chosen heritage building. In our case, we’ll be doing The Rumah Gadang in Kampung Pariangan, Kabupaten Tanah Datar.

We’ll be staying there for more than a week to measure the houses in that kampung and document all the process. It’ll be like actually living there with the kampong folks and eating their kind of food and getting accustom to their way of life.

The lecturers said that the toilets are separated from the houses and usually the kampung people will take their bath at the surau (mandi ramai-ramai).

Hm..I don’t know..but it’ll be great experience to be living in an Indonesian kampung. Can’t wait.

Right now we are busy preparing for the trip such as doing research, tagging the equipment and other delegated work among team mates. Well I’m in the research team and kinda busy.

Anyway, do pray for our health and safety throughout our trip there. May Allah will make it easy for us to complete our work there and throughout the short sem once we reach our Uni.

p/s: help! i've not pack anything yet for the trip..


  1. Semoga selamat pergi dan kembali. <- guna Bahasa Melayu :)

  2. oh .. saya pernah dengar sorang pakcik ni gi jogjakarta .. gi area2 pedalaman la .. dia ckp org2 kat situ sume mandi dalam sungai dengan tak pakai pape .. isk2. anyway, jgn lupe amek gambar byk2 and share. take care :)

  3. well don't forget to take many pictures there... I want to see them too... by the way, hope you enjoy yourself there, don't forget to bring back souvenirs for umi and abah...and for me too... selamat pergi dan kembali....

  4. salam kpd sume ahli keluarga, thanks. moga kita berjumpa lagi.hehe

  5. oh sorry lambat baca....(bhs melayu gaks).. ;)

    sounds fun...i bet you'll get a plethora (betul ke usage nih) of experience there...

    enjoy while completing your documentation...hehe... igt request salman tuh....;)