Sunday, April 12, 2009

Weekend outing-visiting my brothers

Salam from myss to all dear Ohana.

What a day.
Actually it's been a long 2 days of weekend holidays.

Yesterday was just staying at home in the morning enjoying breakfast and movies.
Then in the afternoon my family (parents+me+Salman) went to Jeram, Klang to visit my brother Muaz. Hmm..It’s been a while going there. I mean I've been busy with my project the whole semester that this semester I haven't had a chance to visit him. Well the journey was a long one (1 hour plus). I kinda forgot about the long journey part. I felt grateful that now they've improve the road so it took lesser time to reach there. If not, it will feel like a long journey to the kampung with all the traffic jam. Before this I remembered going there after Zohor and reaching home at Maghrib.

Alhamdulillah this time I got to visit him. He's fit and good in shape, enjoying his life at school, I guess which is good. May Allah make it easy for him to become a Hafiz. Amin.

Then, after visiting Muaz, as it was still early-5.30pm so we stopped by Tesco Selayang as Mum wanna do some groceries. We prayed Asar there and bought the things needed. Then we reached home at Maghrib.

It was tiring. I mean the journey was tiring. It’s a good thing I wasn’t the one driving. hehe.

Today, at 11.30 we went to visit Zubair. Well initially the plan was going to Zubair’s school, pick him up and go for outing with him. On the way, Abah called Anas and asked if he wanted to join us. Well he said he wasn’t busy. So, after fetching Zubair we went to Anas’s Casa and picked him up as well. (It was convenient that their schools near)

Again, it’s been a while since I’ve seen my two bros, Zubair and Anas. Well like I’ve said, I’ve been busy the whole sem with my architecture project and been missing visiting my kid bros and also family outings such as when Dad and the guys went to Genting and left me out (ok I have to admit that I was busy so I couldn’t come along..poor me)

After fetching Anas, we decided to go to Sunway Pyramid. (Yeay!)

Well I wanted to go there just to see people ice skating. And of course Zubair wanted to buy things such as kapur kasut (em don’t know what it is in English..shoe whitener? hehe) and things to munch on at the hostel. You know, chips and such.

Anas busied himself trying all the freebies. Drinking the mini testers-all types of yogurt drink, juice, new milo product and indulging in pastas served in small cups n miniature plates of nasi lemak (I forgot what product was that) they even give 2 toothpicks to be used as chopsticks. (imagine how small it is. well if they give it in bigger size, than can’t cater all customers la) Well Anas said, you have to take lots of the sample, if not you’ll still feel hungry. Well that’s my kid bro as he is. haha

Then we went to the skating atrium just to had a look at people ice skating. Well it seemed like loads of fun. (ok, in our family, only Ammar has been ice skating there). I enjoyed looking at the people down there: some in groups, some with family, some with their partners and with different level of skills. Some are newbies, some seemed already pros, skating very fast and even doing figures on the ice rink. Wow..very cool! I thought to I do wish to go ice skating one day..hehe

Besides that, it was pure joy taking in all the elements of the shopping complex. As I had designed a shopping complex this semester, I still have this passion in shopping complex like seeing the all the spaces (retail, food court, concourse, atrium and all others), the placing of columns, the structure, the fire escape routes, the services, the positioning of the escalator and lifts, the interior, lighting used, finishes and furniture especially the floor patterns and finishes. Hehe. Well there’s this sense of wonder that I feel each time I go to a shopping complex, feeling the sense of awe as I witness all elements that made up a shopping complex and that can determine whether it is a successful one or not. I really loved Sunway Pyramid. All parts of it. It’s a pity that I didn’t get a chance to go there before designing my shopping complex.

After Zohor prayer at the very small surau in Jusco, we had lunch at the Jusco food court. The food was ok I guess.

Then it was bye-bye to my two bros. First Anas, then Zubair. Zubair seemed happy with his school. I guess he loved being school representative for takraw and other sports. Heard that maybe he’ll become a prefect next yeat. Wah..what an achievement. My lil so proud.

Off to home. Finally.

Ok suddenly there was this request to stop at Selayang Mall coz my only bro left in the car, Salman wanted to by a birthday gift for his friend (haiya-kenapa tak cakap awal-awal? Should have bought at Jusco just now.)

So had to go to Selayang Mall and spent an hour there. I had to force myself to window shop looking around at all the retail outlets, trying on shoes and stuff while Mum went to her favorite shop-the bookstore and Abah went with Salman.

Finally, we got to go home. Coz it was already late, we cancelled our plan to go swimming at the club.

What a day. What a weekend. So tiring~!

But it was worth it spending quality time with family.

It’s been a while. And I enjoyed every second of it ;)


  1. ok just realized..
    macam panjang gle je kan post saye.hehe.
    sori.harap sume tabah membace ke akhirnya..

  2. good.. i also enjoy my time with my family

  3. Cool!!

    Nampak panjang, tapi bila baca tak rasa panjang pun, sebab best.

    Keep on posting.

  4. good post! keep posting please.

  5. Kapur kasut tu.... shoe chalk...haaha

  6. anas AF..
    ok salman dah jawab. a'a bli wallet. (pastu die ckp konon2 kne bli kat selayang mall sbb cam lagi murah banding Jusco) hik3.entah la

    good to hear that.all d best for final year degree project k;)

    truemax.. ke? thanks. saya mmg suka tulis in English pastu nnt jadi pjg time nak tulis pendek2 jela.

    orait.thanks mr. ahmad co-admin.hik3

    ayah ja..
    ooh..shoe chalk eh? ok paham2.hehe